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Alison Brie’s Hot Complex [Feb/March 2010]

She plays a snobby housewife on AMC’s Mad Men and a goodie-two-shoes on NBC’s Community, but we’ve got a new role for Cali native Alison Brie—woman of our dreams. How else to describe the diminutive down-ass chick who has an unparalleled flirt game and listens to rap on her way to shoots? A.B.’s got a couple of film roles this year (Montana Amazon and the family flick Raspberry Magic), but we were more interested in chatting with the 26-year-old about her clothing-optional training at the California Institute of the Arts and an old project she did called Hot Sluts. Tell your crew to Brie easy, we saw her first…

We hear you had a very, shall we say, free-and-easy college experience…

Alison Brie: [Laughs.] CalArts is a very good school, and I wanna just get that out of the way first. But it had been kind of a hippie school in the ’60s, and when I was there, you could be naked anywhere except the cafeteria. I wasn’t a card-carrying nudist, but I did find it funny. It was enjoyable to run around campus naked from time to time.

We’re sorry we missed it. Did it make you more comfortable about taking your clothes off after college?

Alison Brie: [Laughs.] Wellllllll…I’m definitely not a modest person, so I think that probably started before college. I think I always had that weird naked instinct, like it never left me from when I was a little baby. But I haven’t been naked in anything I’ve filmed.

Yet you did star in a web series called Hot Sluts for Comedy Central. What’s the story?

Alison Brie: Well, Joe Lo Truglio is a friend of mine, and he and A.D. Miles cowrote it. It’s a spoof of Showgirls and 1970s women’s prison films. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously with that one, so nobody should take it as a signal that I’m gonna start doing softcore porn or anything. Sorry!

OK, that’s a letdown. But there’s more to sexy than sex. From the way you hold eye contact, we imagine that you’re good at the flirting stuff too.

Alison Brie: Oh yeah. That was something that in theater school was a big no-no: No eye-effing, because they thought when you’re doing a scene, you gotta be real, and who makes that much eye contact in real life? The answer to that question is “me.” I make that much eye contact. [Laughs.] Sometimes people can be uncomfortable, and I’ll sense maybe I’m creeping them out, but then other times maybe they think I’m doing it to them with my eyes…in which case, that’s OK with me.

Well, if you’re really not gonna do any soft porn, we’ll just have to take what we can get.

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