Sean Price Talks Vans, And His Favorite Sneakers

Do you follow Sean Price on Twitter? You should. The take-no-bullshit Brownsville rapper’s daily musings will take your social networking experience to a whole ‘nother hilarious level, dude’s profound in 140 characters or less. For the past few days he’s been talking about dislikes (he twittered “fuck harry potter, fuck will, and fuck paprika” yesterday), but has also brought up sneakers several times, co-signing the Jordan CMFT 11 ViZ Air “Cool Grey” and snapping on his cousin’s lack of stunting when he donned fake Jordans. We hit up the God Sean P to see just how big into sneakers he was, and get his take on Vans, fake sneakers, and his favorite Jordans and SBs of all time. Check out what P! had to say in the interview below…

Complex: Would Sean Price ever be caught rocking Vans, the type the hipsters would wear?

Sean Price: Nah. I’m older, and I’m not even a sneaker collector, I’m a sneaker wearer, let’s get that clear. I wear everything I cop. If I didn’t wear them yet, I didn’t find the right outfit for it yet. I definitely wouldn’t wear those Vans though. I’m mostly a Nike dude, and I do classic adidas, classic Reeboks, classic Pumas. I’m a regular dude.

Complex: Have you ever seen anyone wearing fake sneakers and call them out on it?

Sean Price: Ahhh. My homeboy Giambi, he works at the studio at Manhattan, he had some Jordans, they were cool, they were like a real colorway, so you couldn’t really tell, but upon further review, the Jordan that was stiched in the tounge looked like the logo for Danskin. It looked like Tinkerbelle, it was sewed wrong. I was like, “Yo, what’s this man?” We had a lot of jokes on him. Then I have a cousin, he called me like, “Yo son, I got the ill Halloween Jordans!, Halloween edition!”. [Laughs]. I’m getting jealous the way he’s talking about them, and he’s coming through to show me, and I live in Brownsville, he lives in the Sty. He came through, no car, took a cab over, and I ain’t gonna front, the outfit he had with it, was right! So for a minute, I was like yoo!. Then upon futher review, I was like nahhhh, ’cause the shits were fake. But I didn’t tell him, he was just so proud. I wanted them to be real, I really did. Word. That shit was funny as hell.

Complex: So if Sean Price could get his own sneaker what would it look like?

Sean Price: Probably a sneaker that’s out already. I went and designed some Nike IDs, it’s too overwheliming for me, man.  I’m just going to cop out of the store, I don’t even want to get that far into it. Designing is too overwhelming for me.

Complex: Where there ever sneakers that you wore that you were ashamed of?

Sean Price:

I wanted the Jordan 1s,  the black and red ones, and my moms came back with the Pony “City Wings.” Remember those? Niggas didn’t rock Ponys in the hood. They were respectable, but not really though.

 [Laughs]. I was mad as a motherfucker, man. Then one time my mom said she got me green Filas. I was like, “Hold on, green Filas!” And they turned out to be a sneaker company called “Jump.” They looked just like Filas, but my mom didn’t know any better and they were faker than fried ice cream. I was mad as a motherfucker.

Complex: Who do you know has the illest sneaker game?

Sean Price: Shit, I know Clark Kent. I mean, c’mon. Besides him, my man Abacus. I call him “King.” Any sneaker I want, I ask him and he gets it for me.

Complex: What are your favorite Jordans?

Sean Price: I’m not that much of a Jordan dude, but 3s, because those are the ones I actually had. I’m not with all that, “I need all these Jordans, I’m going sleep out for a pair.” I ain’t with all that shit. I had the IIs. I liked the Olympic VIIs.  That’s about it. I never had a bunch of them shits. When my moms bought the IIs, we had a rule. If I was good in school she’d get me what I want. I was good in school, I wanted the IIs, but I can tell that shit hurt her pocket back then. I wore a lot of Barkleys, I was a Barkley nigga. He was just as good and his sneakers were cheaper. Dominique was nice too but I never wore Brooks, though. [Laughs]

Complex: What about your favorite SBs

Sean Price: My favorite is the Venom SBs. They’re plain black with a white swoosh. They’re clean, plus you can wear them with black Levi’s. A fresh pair of crispy black Levi’s. It’s great. Simple shit. I keep a pair on ice, right now. I had two pair, but I cracked one for the Joelle Ortiz show, and I got another on ice, just in case. Those are my shit, my wife got some too.

I also love the “Pee-Wee Hermans”. Im starting to like the “Bruce Springsteen” shits too. Them “Pee-Wee Hermans” though, I love them shits, shit’s are official.  I need another pair. My go-to SB is the “Neptunes”. The simple ones. If I got to go to the store, I put those on. If I just want to sit out in front and smoke or something. They’re like slippers now. They’re not Funk Dunks, like my man Dallas Penn says. But those are my go-to, my wife got a pair of those too.

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