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Justin Bieber Talks Drake, and “The Trap”

Ever hear of this kid named Justin Bieber? We’re guessing you have—and if not, chances are you’re just a few light-years out of the loop. The pint-sized pop star has caused a mall riot, has teenage girls swooning at the mere mention of his name, and saw his recently-released My World 2.0 album hit #1 and sell 283,000 copies in its first week. Kind of a big deal for a kid discovered on YouTube.

So yeah, he may be a little outside the Complex sphere, but with all the talk of “Bieber Fever” we had to hit up the bangs-sporting lil’ homie to see what he has going on. We convinced the the 16 year-old to give us a quick 10 minutes so we could chop it up about a possible Drake collab, girls, and blogs who compare him to lesbians. Read on to get familiar with your little sister or cousin’s (or girl’s) biggest crush…

Complex: We saw Drake in the “Baby” video, which was a bit of a random look; how did that come about?

Justin Bieber: Basically, he’s from Canada [Ed.—Bieber's from Ontario too], and we met through mutual people and became homies. He wanted to show love, so he came out to the music video.

Complex: We noticed there were a lot of young girls in the video. Was Drake hitting on them?

Justin Bieber: [Laughs.] Nah.

Complex: You two both have a big female fan base—do you think you could pull more chicks than him?

Justin Bieber: I mean, I’m pretty sure I can take him. But I don’t know, man, he gets girls.

Complex: Could you two ever work together?

Justin Bieber: For sure. He’s a great artist and we’ve already talked about it; we haven’t done it yet, but it’s definitely in the works.

Complex: So, full disclosure: I’m from Long Island, and I used to work at Roosevelt Field Mall, the site of the infamous Bieber Riot. What tips can you give me to cause hysteria when I go there?

Justin Bieber: [Laughs.] Man, it’s just something that happened, it got crazy. I have the greatest fans.

Complex: You’re obviously pretty good with the young girls, but who’s the one celebrity crush that you’d wife?

Justin Bieber: Beyoncé. I met her, and Jay too. It was cool to meet people who I’ve listened to my whole life.

Complex: Switching gears, you live in Atlanta now. Complex is fans of a lot of “trap rappers” like T.I. and Gucci Mane. Do you know what the “trap” is?

Justin Bieber: Somewhat, not really.

I don’t know. I listen to some Gucci songs, but I’m trying to do my own thing at this point.

Complex: Would you ever do a song with Gucci Mane?

Justin Bieber: I don’t know. I listen to some Gucci songs, but I’m trying to do my own thing at this point. It would be fun to get a little bit more rap music into what I do, but I think I’ll keep it more pop and R&B. I had a lot of fun working with Ludacris, though.

Complex: Now, being thrust into the spotlight, and having girls chase after you, is it safe to say you’re more…advanced than the average 16-year-old?

Justin Bieber: Umm, I don’t know. I hang out with a lot of older people, so I’ve matured a little bit, but I do still have my immature side.

Complex: By older people, you mean older girls?

[Publicist interrupts] He means older people in general…

Complex: Oh, OK. Justin, I know we’re pressed for time, but there’s a website called Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber—are you familiar with it?

Justin Bieber: I haven’t seen it. I heard about it, but nah, I haven’t been on it yet.

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