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Jim Jones Talks Jay-Z, Cam’ron

Things have changed dramatically for Jim Jones in the past three years. Sure, he’s still the slick-talking, swaggertastic Harlem Diplomat, but you’d be wrong to call him just another hot rapper. In addition to proving that artists on an indie label can sell healthy, Jones recently inked an out-of-the-ordinary 50/50 venture deal with Sony. Although the strained relationship he’s had with Dip Set partner Cam’ron has been the talk of the rap community as of late, nothing clouds Jones’ focus on making sure his business game is proper. We caught up with Capo at his video shoot for his latest single, “Love Me No More,” to talk Cam, Jay-Z, money, and what he likes to call swag-splashin’.

It was reported that Juelz hasn’t spoken to Cam in 3 months, what’s the status from a relationship standpoint between you three?

Jim Jones: We’re all grown men, at the end of the day, we’re still friends, we’re still brothers. Juelz took a moment off to get his music together and come back stronger than ever. Cam took his own hiatus and that’s what goes on. As far as we’re concerned it’s still Diplomats, it’s all Diplomat business, nothing’s changed, the bird still flies high, Byrd Gang/Skull Gang, let’s do it.

Cam seemed like he was in the leadership role up until about a year ago, what do you think the main reason was for the shift of power?

Jim Jones: Cam’s still in the leadership position; we started this thing together, we’re partners, that’s my partner. We’re CEOs of this, and he has his own business that he does, and that’s how it goes. It’s still a business above all when it comes to Diplomats, but everyone has their own ventures that they become bosses of and making money off.

When’s the last time you spoke to Cam?

Jim Jones: Last time I saw him was Christmas Eve, we were both in the bank doing bank withdrawals. In the best place we could ever run into each other, in the bank ’cause we’re getting money, ya dig? That’s that Diplomat shit right there. Ain’t that the best place to run into somebody, like “What’s up? I’m coming to get a quick $30K, what you coming to get,” he’s like “I’m about to get a quick $40K,” I’m like shit we’re still getting money, I can’t get mad. That’s just for Christmas, just for the pocket.

Did he mention anything to you about going on stage with 50?

Jim Jones: He can’t tell me what I can do. I’m a grown man, I’m a boss of this shit, what I do for my own career and what I do for publicity is what I do.

I always have my own edge, and there’s a method to my madness. It works for me and it works for us at the end of the day. I got a song with Game right now, so nobody can tell me what the fuck to do, and when to do it. I do what the fuck I want to do if it makes sense for me, and where I’m goin’. As long as it’s not going to taint the brand, you can’t tell me shit.

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