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Amanda Righetti’s Hot Complex [Feb/March 2009]

If you think Amanda Righetti is just another slash-and-burn horror movie victim, you’ve got it twisted. Sure, the 25-year-old (who also stars on TV’s The Mentalist) plays the token “responsible girl” in the new Friday the 13th remake, attempting to avoid the wrath of plastic-masked villain Jason Voorhees. But she can do a lot more than scream. The Las Vegas–bred stunner is edgier than your average, and before Jason could get to her, we talked to her about stripper classes, getting busy in ballpark dugouts and camping misadventures. We’d pitch a tent with her any day…just not at Crystal Lake.

Which was scarier, getting chased by Jason Voorhees or doing Role Models with Seann William Scott?

Amanda Righetti: [Laughs.] Definitely being chased by Jason. Seann gets pegged for playing these dick characters, but, in all honesty, he’s a very nice guy, unexpectedly.

When you were on The O.C., you played a stripper. What was the training for that like?

Amanda Righetti: Well, I grew up in Vegas, and I’ve taken pole-dancing classes, just for fun. And growing up in the scene and sneaking into strip clubs—


Amanda Righetti: Here’s a Vegas factoid for you: The fully nude strip clubs usually don’t serve alcohol. You have to be 18 to get into those, but the ones that are only topless, you have to be 21. You can be 18 to strip but you have to be 21 to drink. So it’s all ass-backwards out there.

Ass-frontwards, too! So a lot of Friday the 13th is set in the woods. Have you ever, uh, sampled love in the wild?

Amanda Righetti: I think I did once. I went camping and it wasn’t really working out very well. There were rocks underneath us and it was just all wrong. It wasn’t very comfortable, let’s put it that way. [Laughs.]

Ouch. Was that the most scandalous place you’ve ever hooked up with someone?

Amanda Righetti: That and the dugout of a baseball diamond. It was while I was in high school, late at night—you know, one of those…

Sure, one of those.

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