This first appeared on on May 11, 2011.

Big Sean’s Top 25 Sneakers of All-Time

Big Sean a style icon? Not quite, but we bet you can walk out your door right now and see a gang of kids who are carbon-copies of the Detroit-based rapper. In the past few years, the G.O.O.D music affiliate has been on trend — whether it’s Japanese-crafted chains, vintage snapbacks, or custom denim jackets average Joes can’t score, Sean has carved his own lane when it comes to style. Oh and his sneaker game? Solid to say the least. Sean’s closet is stacked with everything from Jordans to high-fashion Balenciagas, and as the paper continues to grow, so will the rotation. As he preps his debut album “Finally Famous” which he just dropped his single ”I Do It” for, we sat down with Sean to get his top 25 sneakers of all time. Click through to see what kicks made the cut.


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